Batia Infotech is an information technology company that develops software and Internet businesses. Batia Infotech companies are dedicated to delivering delightful experiences that are both simple and comprehensive. Flagship properties include ProProfs.com, Marriage.com, ThisNext.com, StyleHive.com, and HelpIQ.com, which is now ProProfs Knowledgebase.
Batia Infotech Internet sites are visited by millions of people each month. Its products are used by many Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Dell, Cisco, DHL, and educational institutions like Harvard and Yale.
Batia or Bhatia?
Sameer Bhatia named the company "Batia Infotech" without the "h" to symbolize the personal passion & commitment, as well as separation between his personal identity and the business operations. Batia Infotech, though an extension of himself, is an independent entity. It is built in combination with the skills and effort of colleagues, employees, partners and customers.
Founder Sameer Bhatia
A lifelong entrepreneur, Sameer is building Batia Infotech based on his technical expertise combined with his ability to manage a globally-distributed workforce.
Sameer's past startups include e-learning and online retail properties and a niche search engine designed to compete with Google. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC).
Sameer believes in simplicity and always endeavors to make Batia Infotech brands simple enough for anyone to use without any prior experience or training. His favorite word is 'delight' and dislikes the term 'customer satisfaction' as he believes that "satisfaction" is low bar and users deserve nothing less than a delightful experience.
Sameer lives in Los Angeles with his wife & two daughters.
Sameer On The Web: www.ProProfs.com/sameer
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